5 Bright and Powerful Ways to Become Spiritually Enlightened


Here’s the big misconception about Spiritual Enlightenment: It’s something impossible to attain. That’s what everyone seems to think when they first wake up, of course.


However, throughout your journey, you may learn different ways to become enlightened. Here are at least 5 bright and powerful ways you may run across that lead to spiritual enlightenment!




How To Become Spiritually Enlightened



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1. Lighten Your Load

Becoming less dense is crucial to enlightenment if you subscribe to the idea that you are a vibrational being. By sticking to “lighter” foods and moving your body, you naturally lose weight and mass.

Psychologically, diet and exercise set the stage for your Work on the other levels as well. Exercise releases natural antidepressants and also provides a daily goal towards which you can strive. Without goals, it’s almost impossible to lead a happy life!

Also, what better physical goal is there than to extend your life by being active and healthy?

Starting this path is the beginning of what the New Age calls “coming into alignment.” Don’t let the language confuse  you; it just simply means that you operate on four different levels of being:

  1. The Physical
  2. The Mental
  3. The Emotional
  4. The Spiritual

“Coming into alignment” in these terms means that we must acknowledge enlightenment on each level. So now, with the first level down (the Physical), we can move on to the next one (the Mental).


2. Kindle the Light of Consciousness



In the words of Carl Jung:

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”

From this perspective, enlightenment means to become aware of your hidden, subconscious aspects, also known as your Shadow. Doing so would enable you to be a better force for good in the world.

The subconscious is home to those aspects of you that tend to react rather than respond. They seem to control you when you aren’t thinking and are often the most significant source of your suffering.

Truth seekers regularly work to shed light on the dark spots of their consciousness. They are transmuting their ignorance into awareness. However, when one tends to identify solely with the mental aspects of being, the other three tend to be lacking.

Thus, they come “out of alignment” with themselves. However, to fully enlighten yourself, you must not focus on only the first one or two levels of being.

Thus, by doing Shadow work, you can prepare yourself for Emotional enlightenment.


3. Look on the Bright Side


Life isn't always what you perceive it to be. Instead, events you may see as unfavorable are, in fact, part of your journey towards good moments. Share on X


Building and maintain an optimistic mindset is a critical pillar of spirituality. It’s the acknowledgment of duality.

Duality holds that everything in the Universe has equal and opposite aspects. Emotional enlightenment, then, means knowing there are both “negative” and “positive” perspectives to every experience.

Alan Watts teaches that you can never know the consequences of good or bad fortune. Good luck doesn’t always yield functional outcomes.

Likewise, bad fortune doesn’t always yield adverse results. Instead, what determines good or bad events is your perspective on them.

Life isn’t always what you perceive it to be. Instead, events you may see as unfavorable are, in fact,  part of your journey towards good moments.

The deeper part of enlightenment on this level starts by digging into your past. There, you can choose to see more and more of your “dark” history as a past filled with “light.”

Once you remove more and more the burden of a “dark” past, you begin to “lighten” the weight of the emotional burden that you carry within.

By digging into your past and clearing up any darkness within you, you begin to open the doorway to Spiritual Enlightenment.


4. Be Light-Hearted



New Age thinking considers the Heart Chakra as most important for Spiritual Enlightenment. Why? Because from it, you can be your most compassionate self.

Selfless action and creativity for the highest good of all involved come from compassion. For you to live from that perspective, that particular chakra must be “opened.”

So like blooming lotus flowers, the chakras can only open in the presence of light. However, how do you open them?

You begin by doing the enlightenment work on the previous levels of being. Once you’ve worked on the earlier levels, you no longer are focused on lack but on the abundance surrounding you.

No longer do you focus on the heaviness of your past but on the infinite possibilities that lie ahead of you in your future. Even better: you can focus on the ecstasy of the present moment.

Moreover, no longer do anxious and disappointing thoughts invade your mind.

Instead, you celebrate what you indeed are: spiritual beings living this human experience.

That’s not to say that you will stop experiencing negative thoughts or events. However, you can now encounter them from this higher perspective.

Doing so enables you to better deal with them in a way that does not bring you down but instead helps you move forward.


5. Spread Your Light and Love


In living your life from within the presence of awareness, you can embrace life for what it is: a miracle. Share on X


Enlightenment is not something to attain, nor a destination at which you arrive. Instead, it is the process, the Work, the life-long journey you and everyone else strives to live.

Like happiness, its embodiment depends on your pursuit of it. You could say that enlightenment and happiness are the same and that it is what gives you purpose.

It’s never about the result but always about growing from one point to another.

How do you know when you’re on that path? You become light-hearted. You become filled with joy and laughter; you become carefree and free-spirited.

You become childlike and wondrous; You reflect the pure innocence of the soul. You could say you become a proper medium through which to channel your soul, ultimately.

You “awaken” your soul within. You allow it to come out and experience the world as it intended to: from within the presence of awareness.

In living your life from within the presence of awareness, you can embrace life for what it is: a miracle.


Bonus Tip: Help Enlighten Others!



Believe it or not, enlightenment is not the most important thing you could learn on your journey. Instead, learning to open up and share your experiences and insights is what’s important here.

Perhaps your quest for truth has led you to experience many unexplainable things. When viewed from the outside, it may be easy to label them as crazy or impossible.

If you’ve learned to take from those experiences and extract the truth from them, you may see that you’re not so mad after all. Also, of course, only when you’re able to spread the truth will you grow and flourish in the world.

So please, be sure to share your truth in the comments below, and if this article resonates with you, share it with those who might also benefit from or appreciate it.

Together, let’s help spread the light one retweet or hashtag or repost at a time.

After all, we’re all in this together, aren’t we?

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