About Me

Integrating Psychological Insight and Artistic Vision

Hello, I’m Joseph Barela, a 2023 CWU psychology graduate based in Yakima, Washington. I am seeking full-time and remote opportunities in Community and Support roles, applying my psychological expertise and creativity in dynamic, solution-oriented team environments.

When not engaged in professional activities, I dive into Jungian psychology and create engaging digital content using WordPress and Adobe Photoshop. weedy-materialistic weedy-materialistic
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Creative Solutions for People-Problems

With my psychology background, I can handle complex interpersonal challenges, like when I enhanced community and service interactions through my roles at Home Depot and 7 Cups.

My educational and practical experiences have focused on developing innovative solutions that enhance both individual and collective experiences within communities.

Digital Content and Engagement Pro

Drawing from my journey through psychology, creativity, and genuine interactions, I’ve developed essential skills that resonate with the pulse of digital and community-driven spaces. Here’s what I bring to the table:

Community Engagement

Want to build communities where every member feels valued? I specialize in fostering vibrant spaces for authentic dialogue and connection, ensuring every voice contributes to a thriving community.

DIgital Marketing

How do your digital campaigns stand out? I combine creativity with strategic insight, leveraging the latest trends and data to craft memorable brand engagements that resonate with target audiences.

Web Content Creation

Need content that captivates and informs? I'm passionate about creating engaging narratives that speak directly to the audience, turning every page visit into a meaningful experience.

Research Skills

Are you curious about what drives your market? Through meticulous research into trends and behaviors, I uncover insights that shape effective strategies, ensuring our decisions are informed and impactful.


Do you need clear, compelling communication? I excel in crafting messages that reach and resonate with your audience, ensuring clarity and connection in every interaction.

Analytical Skills

Does data drive your strategy? I use analytical skills to sift through metrics, identifying patterns and opportunities that optimize our digital efforts and propel us toward our goals.

In Their Words

See what others say about my work and their experiences.

A humanistic, compassionate, and insightful view into the struggles of the mind and soul. Ready to listen wholly and create an environment that nurtures emotion and clarity.

7 Cups Member*

*7 Cups provides anonymous emotional support where every interaction is anonymous.

Your course will most definitely help me change my procrastination into success, and it’s super fun…yay! It got me very excited, and it looks very professional. It’s simple and very understandable. I think it’s very effective.

Mickey Wittke
Artist, EPiCMouse Art

Joseph is very customer service-driven. He consistently strives to ensure the customer has everything they need to complete their project and consistently looks for a way to tell the customer ‘YES.’

Awais Iqbal
Supervisor, AWI Media

Joseph is very customer service-driven. He consistently strives to ensure the customer has everything they need to complete their project and consistently looks for a way to tell the customer ‘YES.’

Kent Kinion
D25 Supervisor, Home Depot #4727

. . . Joseph’s professionalism has proved successful in his interaction with customers and fellow emplohees. Joseph consistently strives for more knowledge and has a great drive to assist customers that come his way, solving their problems and confirming they have all they need for their project.

Eloy Hernandez
Specialty Sales Manager, Home Depot #4727

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