Case Study #1

Beyond the Shelf:
How Joseph Barela Grew Home Depot Customer Loyalty

When a customer at The Home Depot reported a missing freezer shelf, it presented a unique challenge. This case study showcases how a straightforward complaint was transformed into an opportunity to demonstrate exceptional customer service and innovative problem-solving.

The Challenge

  • The customer’s refrigerator model did not include a freezer shelf.

  • No standalone replacements were available for purchase.

  • Maintaining The Home Depot’s reputation for high-quality service while ensuring customer satisfaction was crucial.

Innovative Solution

Recognizing the unique opportunity to exceed customer expectations, I proposed a custom solution: creating a shelf from wire shelving sold by the foot at The Home Depot.


After receiving approval from my manager, I measured the display model for exact dimensions and custom-cut wire shelving to fit. The process was detailed, with careful attention to safety and aesthetics—capping sharp edges with rubber for a polished look. This custom shelf was then delivered personally, enhancing the overall customer experience.


  • Customer Satisfaction: The tailor-made solution turned a potentially bleak experience into a positive one, solidifying loyalty to The Home Depot.

  • Cost Efficiency: Highlighted The Home Depot’s commitment to exceptional customer service by offering the custom shelf for free and personally delivering it.


This initiative reinforced the importance of empathy and active listening in providing effective customer service. It also highlighted the value of creative problem-solving and personal initiative in fostering customer loyalty and trust. This case study exemplifies how innovative thinking and proactive customer service can lead to high customer satisfaction and organizational accolades. If you are looking for someone who embodies these qualities and can bring similar results to your team or institution, please get in touch with me to discuss potential opportunities.

. . . Oustanding Customer Service; working the customers in a way where the customer is now a Life Long Customer!

Salvador Cobar – Manager, Home Depot #4727

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