Case Study #2

Joseph Barela's Analytical Prowess and Eloquence Elevate AWI Media

AWI Media, facing a critical demand for diverse niche articles, had previously struggled to scale its content creation efforts. Despite various attempts at optimizing workflows and configurations and lacking a unified development methodology, they needed a solution to maintain quality and operational efficiency.

The Challenge

  • Immediate need for skilled writers due to project volume increases.

  • Potential for long-term, diverse niche contributions.

  • Urgent need for integration to avoid workflow disruption.

Innovative Solution

Utilizing exceptional communication, analytical, and creative skills, I produced high-quality, informative articles for AWI Media across various niches.


With a 96 WPM typing speed and 99.5% accuracy, I met 24-hour deadlines, maintained daily communciation for feedback integration, conducted thorough research, and applied SEO best practices to maximize online engagement.

Writing Portfolio at

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  • Efficiency Boost: Achieved high productivity by consistently meeting tight deadlines, enhancing team workflow, and reducing development time.

  • Audience Growth: Significantly increased web traffic and user engagement, leading to higher customer retention and expanded market share.

  • Quality Improvement: Improved content quality and accuracy, resulting in increased user satisfaciton and trust in AWI Media’s platform.


Reflecting on this experience, I learned the importance of adaptability and efficient workflow management in freelance writing. Incorporating consistent feedback and utilizing proactive adjustments, I improved the content quality and my personal skill set. My experience has prepared me for future challenges. Contact me today to explore how my dedication and resourcefulness can enhance your team.

Joseph . . . should be considered as your next hire. He is the most cooperative and flexible writer we have worked with. He is open and very receptive to feedback.

Awais Iqbal – Supervisor, AWI Media

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