Case Study #3

Joseph Barela: Elevating Community Support & Engagement at 7 Cups

As 7 Cups expanded its reach, the platform faced challenges typical of growing online communities—ensuring scalability and quality, maintaining privacy, and handling sensitive issues effectively. My involvement aimed to address these challenges through dedicated support and community engagement.

The Challenge

  • Ensuring consistent quality as the platform grows.

  • Safeguarding user anonymity in sensitive discussions.

  • Promoting inclusivity across a global user base.

Innovative Solution

At 7 Cups, I embraced the role of an Active Listener to enhance community support. By completing advanced training courses, I prepared to provide empathetic support while aiming to uplift the website’s quality of service and community spirit.


My approach was multifaceted: Over 200 hours of chat support, active participation in forums to strengthen the support network, and engagement in leadership activities to foster a positive environment for all members. 7 Cups recognized my commitement, and I was encouraged to consider a moderator role to further contribute to the community.


  • Operational Efficiency: My training and efficient chat support reduced volunteer training time and operational costs. Specifically, I engaged in 396 Support and 94 Listener chats, demonstrating high-level commitment and effectiveness.

  • Community Growth: I significantly increased member retention and loyalty by actively engaging and referring 42 new members to the platform, expanding the community’s diversity and reach.

  • Service Enhancement: My compassionate approach in chats enhanced user satisfaction and safety. The 29,136 Cheers and 2,920 Compassion Points I earned reflect the high trust and approval from the community.


Reflecting on my extensive involvement at 7 Cups, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about empathy, community building, and leadership. These experiences have deepened my understanding of mental health support and prepared me for future challenges in similar environments. My journey at 7 Cups exemplifies my dedication to fostering supportive communities and enhancing accessibility to mental health resources.

If you are seeking a dedicated and compassionate professional to enhance your team, please contact me to discuss potential opportunities.

Awesome dude, great listener, and enjoying time with him.

7 Cups Member*
*7 Cups provides anonymous emotional support where every interaction is anonymous.

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