Top 19 Spiritual Influencers to Follow on Instagram


A spiritually awakened person like you will probably know this already.

If you’re trying to incorporate more positivity in your life (which is a requirement for spiritual ascension), then you’ll want to start following spiritually influential people on social media.

However, if you’re waking up suddenly, you might not have any idea on who to follow.

With Google and YouTube at your fingertips, maybe you’ve begun to search and sort through tons of spiritual content. However, that can be very time consuming, and besides, how do you know if they’re legit?

The compilation here represents the most active spiritual influencers on Instagram. The order depends on how active they are on Instagram, followed by how influential they are in the world at large.

Then, how active they are on other social media, and then finally their importance to me personally as a source of knowledge for when I was first waking up.

If there’s someone that’s not on the list that you think should be on it, let me know in the comments below!


The Top 19 Spiritual Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram


Instagram Top 19 Spiritual Influencers


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1. Miles Toland — @milestoland — 32,100


Miles Toland Spiritual Influencer Artist


Miles Toland is a street artist whose exposure to Santa Fe’s graffiti culture at the age of  16 continues to inspire him to embody art as an invigorating lifestyle.

Check out his Instagram, and you’ll see hundreds of his mystifying murals, which often feature the blending of human forms with mandalas and sacred-geometry.

With a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts, you’ll find him painting live at various music festivals (like Las Vegas’s Electric Daisy Carnival), and on the walls of many buildings all over the world (such as the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India). No need to travel to see his art: check out his art book here.

If you ask him, spirituality is about using art to transform resistance into resonance.


2. Sarah Vrba — @ sarahvrba — 16,700


Sarah Vrba’s tarot readings are scarily accurate. Watch any of her videos on YouTube, and you’re bound to become entranced by just how deep she may resonate with you!

You’ll find that she captions her well-shot Instagram selfies with inspirational stories from her personal life, spiritual advice, and upcoming astrological events with suggestions on how to handle them.

Her interpretations of the Tarot focus on highlighting the symbolism of love, transformation, loss, and renewal to help you see how your current situation fits in with the bigger picture of your soul’s evolution.


3. Ryan Cropper — @ryan_j_cropper — 7,447


When it comes to Astral Projection, you can’t learn from anyone better than YouTuber Ryan Cropper.

Did you know that at the age of 16, Ryan drowned while swimming in a quarry with some friends? He technically died, and the incident made him realize that many of the events of his childhood were, in fact, out-of-body experiences.

Since then, the Londoner astral projects almost daily, and dedicates much of his time teaching people about astral projection and spiritual development.

Although his Instagram is still young, he makes up for his lack of photos by doing live Q&A sessions where you’ll find him frequently interacting with his followers.

If you ask him questions about astral projection or any other spiritual topic, then you can be sure he’ll give you a thorough answer.


4. Cassady Cayne — @cassady.cayne — 10,200


The lovely Cassady Cayne is the author of 101 Messages of Love from the Universe.

After enduring a powerful Kundalini experience, she awakened to her soul’s path of bringing love and self-empowerment to others.

Cassady helps you by rewiring your psychology based on neuroplasticity principles, as well as teaches you scientifically proven mindfulness techniques to help you reach success in love.

More importantly, she’ll engage you in metaphysical energy work to shift your internal wiring to help you open your heart and let love in—and attracting your twin flame as a result.

Follow her on Instagram to receive original motivational and inspirational quotes daily.


5. Victor Oddo — @victoroddo — 28,000


Victor Oddo


Victor is a bodybuilder who dedicates his life to helping you through your struggles with the awakening process.

You can find him on YouTube with nearly 200,000 subscribers, where he gives his advice with a very positive, upbeat, high-energy aura that’ll be sure to leave you wanting to learn more.

Connect with him on Instagram, and you’ll see a very well laid-out feed, filled with perfectly digestible micro-clips, quotes, and advice on how to remain above water during your spiritual awakening process.


6. Nicky Sutton — @spiritualawakeningnet — 3,661


Nicky Sutton


With her soft voice, Nicky Sutton gently brings you into awareness with her Spiritual Awakening YouTube channel.

After separating from her partner and relocating, Nicky experienced a sudden awakening.

After going through a period of healing, she reached a point in her life where she felt it was time to share her truths with others to help them with their spiritual awakening.

On her Instagram, she posts a lot of inspirational quotes, spiritual advice, and soulful tidbits to help elevate your day and remind you of the power that truly resides within you.


7. Justin Perry — @youarecreators — 177,000


Justin Perry


For those of you who want to manifest more of the things they desire in their lives, look no further than Justin Perry.

Justin went from working a job serving tables at a restaurant and being surrounded by bills and debt, to living a luxurious life of joy and abundance.

How did he do it?

He imagined and felt and visualized his way so often and actively that he often couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what was imaginary.

When you follow him on Instagram, you’ll get access to his manifesting tips as well as motivational content design to help you get into the receiving mindset.

Don’t forget to check out his book, “I Wish I Knew This 20 Years Ago: Understanding The Universal Laws That Govern All Things.”


8. Ralph Smart — @infinitewaters — 295,000


Ralph Smart


Ralph Smart is one of YouTube’s biggest influencers. After experiencing a spiritual “rebirth” during a time in which he became hospitalized, he spent time traveling around the world and visited five continents.

His travels brought him to learn a lot about himself and the limitlessness of human potential.

The help you’ll receive from his YouTube Channel, InfiniteWaters, covers topics ranging from health, nutrition, astrology, to healing, yoga, sexuality, and many other spiritual and esoteric concepts.

His quirky personality and his ability to make you laugh translates well on Instagram. Follow him to receive updates about his new videos, as well as original affirmations, quotes, tips, and motivational support to help you resonate with your higher self.

Also, check out the two books he’s written: “Feel Alive,” and “Tryathon: The Love of A Galaxy.”


9. Juliana Semenova — @bohobeautifullife — 197,000


Juliana Semenova


What you’ll find on Juliana Semenova’s YouTube Channel, Boho Beautiful, is yoga, fitness, travel, vegan food, living consciously, and guided meditations.

Born in Siberia, Russia, Juliana was raised in Poltava, Ukraine and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with her family at the age of 10. At 12, she was a representing Canada as a world-class gymnast until she became injured at 17 and had to retire.

To try to deal with her retirement, Juliana turned to yoga and pilates to save her mind, body, and soul. She and her partner Mark now dedicate their lives to helping people all over the world, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Catch on her on Instagram to receive health tips, motivation, and inspiration that she shares from her personal life.


10. J. P. Sears — @awakenwithjp — 226,000


J. P. Sears


Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine?” That saying can’t be more accurate than when you’re watching J.P. Sears’s videos.

The life coach and internet comedian makes his living lampooning his new age lifestyle.

After deciding school wasn’t for him, he began to focus on creating spiritual content with a serious tone sharing holistic knowledge. It wasn’t until he made his “How to Be Ultra Spiritual” video that his angle changed to what you probably know it as today.

When you follow him on Instagram, you won’t just find his comedy—you’ll also see clips from his live shows and updates from his personal life.


11. Gabby Bernstein — @gabbybernstein — 590,000


Gabby Bernstein


Gabby Bernstein is an American New York Times Best Selling author, motivational speaker, and kundalini yoga instructor who’s spiritual teachings come mostly from the text “A Course in Miracles.”

If you ask her, she credits her mother for her early metaphysical interest, but it wasn’t until she hit rock bottom at the age of 25 that she had turned inward and started following her real purpose.

Now, she helps empower others through her authenticity and truth, which you can feel in her Instagram posts and micro-clips.

Be sure to follow her if you’d like to raise your vibes a little every day.


12. Jason Silva — @jasonlsilva — 216,000


Jason Silva


As the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic’s TV series, “Brain Games,” Jason charms you with his positive vibes and down to earth delivery of sometimes complicated psychological concepts.

You can think of him as “performance philosopher” who imparts his sage-like wisdom into positive thoughts about the future of humanity.

Behind the scenes, he’s no different—he fills his Instagram with his cheesy, wide smile and quickly understood concepts and ideas.

If you’re looking for informed advice that focuses on self-development not just on an individual level, but on a species-level as a whole, then make sure to hit that follow button!


13. Elizabeth Gilbert — @elizabeth_gilbert_writer — 749,000


Elizabeth Gilbert


Have you ever heard of “Eat, Pray, Love?” That’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s first New York Times’ Best Seller, which was also made into a movie by the same name, and it chronicles her spiritual journey as she tries to find herself while traveling across Italy, India, and Indonesia.

Her other books include “Committed” (which serves as a sequel to the abovementioned book) and Big Magic, a spiritual self-help book aimed at instructing you how to embrace your creativity. She also just released her newest novel, “City of Girls,” which you can also purchase here.

Add her on Instagram to subscribe to her uplifting posts about living, loving, and embracing every in-between moment.


14. Alex Grey — @alexgreycosm — 656,000


Alex Grey


Alex Grey tried LSD for the first time and the experience spiritually awakened him.

More than likely, you’ve probably come his across his art in some form or another. If not, you can check some out here.

His paintings usually feature the human form within x-ray-type layers of reality, integrating the sacredness of the mind, body, and spirit connection. He also embeds symbolism in his art as well, like auras, chakras, and tessellations.

You’ll find his Instagram filled with works in progress, clips from behind the scenes, and finished paintings that’ll surely resonate with your soul and inspire the cosmic connection within you.


15. Byron Katie — @byron.katie — 99,300


Byron Katie


Like many others, Byron Katie’s spiritual awakening occurred after suffering overcame her life. Paranoia, despair, and depression challenged her for nearly a decade.

One day, at the age of 43, she woke up with her perspective suddenly changed. Everything just seemed to click, and she finally understood why her life pain and despair surrounded her life.

It was all just her thoughts.

Now, among many other things, she spends time on her Instagram teaching her followers about how to end their suffering with a system she developed called “The Work,” a series of specific questions aimed at self-inquiry to change your thoughts about any problem you face.

You can find out more about The Work in her book “A Mind at Home with Itself: How Asking Four Questions  Can Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and Turn Your World Around.


16. Ram Dass — @babaramdass — 332,000


Ram Dass


You might not have heard of Dr. Richard Alpert.  He’s an American spiritual teacher with a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University.

In the ‘60s, Dr. Alpert and his colleague Dr. Timothy Leary devoted themselves to experimenting LSD and psilocybin for the sake of research. Dr. Leary would often pressure students to take the drugs for scientific research, which lead both him and Dr. Alpert’s termination from their Harvard careers.

After publishing “The Psychedelic Experience” with his colleague as co-author, Richard traveled to India where he joined an ashram and received the name Ram Dass, which means “servant of God.”

After founding a countercultural, spiritual community in 1967, Ram Dass published a book (which was edited and illustrated by the community’s residents) called “Be Here Now,” a manual for conscious being. The text went on to become a Best-Seller.

Now in his late 80s, Ram Dass’s focus not only includes spirituality, mysticism, and psychedelics, but he’s also considered an end of life pioneer, all of which make up the majority of his content on Instagram.

Follow him to receive some of the most mystical and brilliant spiritual content you’ll see online.


17. Russell Brand — @trewrussellbrand — 1,300,000


Russell Brand


For the few of you who may not know, Russel Brand is an English actor best known for his roles as an eccentric character in comedy films.

When his life had become overrun with heroin and sex addiction, he lost credibility as an actor and couldn’t land any jobs.

After finishing the Focus 12 drug treatment program and straightening out his life, he credits Transcendental Meditation as the cornerstones of his recovery, which he describes as a “shower for the brain.”

On his tile-styled Instagram feed, You’ll find spiritually focused self-development advice, as well as clips of interviews, silly photos, and inspirational quotes that you may not have guessed would come from him when you become his follower!

Don’t forget to check out his new book, “Mentors: How to Help and Be Helped,” which was released on April 9th, 2019.


18. Sadhguru — @sadhguru — 1,400,000




Surely you’ve heard of Sadhguru, the founder of the Isha Foundation, which provides Yoga programs all across the globe? Maybe you’ve read his book, “Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy?”

The bearded Indian mystic, at the age of 25, attributes his spiritual awakening to a moment in his life where he sat on a rock and suddenly felt as if he was one with not only the rock upon which he sat but everything else around him.

What seemed to him an experience that only lasted 10 to 15 minutes was, in fact, around four-and-a-half hours. The experience inspired him to leave behind a business he started and try to gain clarity into his mystical event.

After meditating and traveling for about a year, he began to start teaching others about his inner experience using Yoga.

His involvement with social outreach fills Instagram feed, which features micro-clips and photos of him spreading spiritual awareness and connecting with communities all over the world to help reduce global suffering.

Also, if you do you follow him, it’s pretty cool to see him in casual clothes as well, which helps portray him more as the rare breed of down-to-earth mystic that he is.


19. Jay Shetty — @jayshetty — 3,500,000


Jay Shetty


Jay Shetty is a monk-turned-content creator who rose to prominence after a video he created went viral.

Growing up, he was faced many of the same problems others experienced growing up: bullying, troublemaking, and trying to find his identity. After experiencing the tragic loss of two of his best friends at the age of 16, he began to reflect on the deeper meaning of his life.

This reflection led him to embrace the monk life for three years after graduating from business school. Now, in his own words, he dedicates his life to making wisdom go viral.

You’ll want to follow him (if you already don’t)—there’s a good reason he tops the list with 3.5 million followers. On his Instagram, you’ll see micro-clips of spiritual, self-development, and general life advice, as well as original inspirational and motivational quotes of wisdom.


Top 19 Spiritual Influencers On Instagram


I hope this list has given you some direction in terms of who to follow for spiritual advice!

If you have any questions, then leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Don’t forget to sign up for my free email course “Realign with Rituals” where I teach the steps you can take towards living a happier life.

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