Project #2

Joseph Barela: Enhancing the ESL classroom with Digital Integration

My Teaching Philosophy

Micro-Teaching Demonstration Video

Item #4: Technology-Enriched Listening Speaking Lesson Plan

Teacher Tool Tip #1: 7-Day Study Game Instruction Booklet

One-Week Lesson Plan

TESOL Certificate

In a conceptual project for an English school abroad, I integrated interactive digital technologies to revolutionize traditional teaching methods. This initiative aimed to shift the paradigm from passive learning to an interactive, technology-enriched environment. I implemented tools that facilitated real-time feedback and collaborative learning, significantly enhancing student engagement and comprehension. This initiative produced 9 lesson plans, a comprehensive 1-week lesson plan, and 2 innovative teacher tooltips, all of which I showcased in a series of instructional videos. It demonstrates  my communication, leadership, and digital content creation skills, highlighting my unique approach to blending psychological insights with educational practices, enhancing both the learning experience and student outcomes.

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