Project #3

Revamping Curiosophist Courses: Joseph Barela's Content Strategy

Realign with Rituals: 30-Day Challenge E-book

Email Series Mockup

7-Day Habit Builder Worksheet

Know the Path, Walk the Path 30-Minute Webinar

Landing Page for Self-Sabotage No More

Self-Sabotage No More Course Contents

For the conceptual project with Curiosophist Courses, I devised a range of engaging online courses and materials tailored for spiritual and self-development learning. My role involved creating eBooks, a webinar, an email course, and a workbook to enrich user engagement. Utilizing Apple Pages, I crafted resources designed to facilitate deeper learning and interaction. This project not only refined my skills in content creation and digital storytelling but also deepened my appreciation for educational technology’s impact on engagement. The conceptual development of these tools, including a 7-day email course and accompanying videos, showcased my ability to transform educational experiences effectively.

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